UE.co leaders

How can CEOs and Founders Hone Their Leadership Skills?

The key to being a successful leader has to do with immersing yourself in your company and employees. It’s difficult to accurately lead a company if you are unsure of the company’s inner workings or your employees’ struggles. Getting to know everyone in your company and spending time listening to issues can help you to manage more effectively and make decisions that are best for everyone involved. I chose to leave the walled office of typical CEOs, and move to an open workspace in the same area as other members of my team, this has allowed me to be more accessible for business decisions and more approachable as a leader.

What is one Tool that is Useful for Increasing Employee Engagement?

At UE.co, we like to use gamificaition to increase employee participation in both work tasks as well as cultural events. For instance, our tech team had an “All-Star Baseball” themed challenge, which pushed them to find and resolve issues to decrease company spending. By gamifiying the initiative, the tech team was more inclined to work harder and accomplish their tasks quicker so they could “win” more points. As CEO of a startup, it is important to personally celebrate members of your team. Games can be a fun way to do so. Personally congratulating the winner or even offering the winner a prize is the perfect opportunity for celebrating and interacting with your team.