UE.co Execs

When Looking for new Startup Office Space, What is the top Thing a Business Owner Should Look for? 

Jason: An office space should be a reflection of your company’s culture and personality. For me, having an open and transparent culture is critical, so it was important to find a space that had that environment. Naturally, we found a ground-level warehouse in downtown San Diego that we were able to transform into an open and collaborative workspace. There are no barriers throughout the space – desk spaces are all out in the open, and there is a multitude of creative working spaces throughout the office that is available to all. On tap of the collaborative workspaces, there are also spaces that promote creativity and fun. Our hidden speakeasy allows for creative meetings in a 1920’s styled space, tricycles and foosball in the park offer quick breaks for employees to reset their minds and bond with coworkers. 

What Should a new Startup’s Name Entail?

Jason: Creativity doesn’t just translate into the business itself but also the brand, especially when it comes to startups. Case in point is the name of my company, UE.co. While obscure and not necessarily meaningful in itself, UE’s funny name is more memorable than a technical one. And even though the company name is a bit long to type, it’s also much easier for clients to remember. The name becomes more and more meaningful with each passing year because of UE’s people, clients, and overall success.

Another reason behind UE’s chosen name is because I wanted something that wouldn’t overpower and dilute the message of the brands and software we work with. Choose a name for your startup that’s purpose is not solely to make the company look good, but to make your clients look good in the process of working with you.