April 17, 2018 Jason Kulpa

UE.co, San Diego’s fastest growing software company, is home to CEO, Jason Kulpa, winner of “Most Admired CEO” by the San Diego Business Journal. This is Jason Kulpa’s second year as a finalist and first as an honoree for the “Most Admired CEO” award.  Kulpa is recognized for his outstanding leadership in the category of private companies.

“Being honored as the most admired CEO in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal is a milestone for UE.” said Jason Kulpa, Founder and CEO of UE.co.  “This award is further accreditation of our hard work towards creating intrinsic value for all who come into contact with our brand.  I would like to thank the panel of judges for the astute honor of being considered and my team for winning.  The recognition is a reflection of their energy, and passion and I am very proud to accept on their behalf.”

Under Kulpa’s direction, Underground Elephant’s revenue has seen a dramatic increase of 3,000% since the company’s inception in 2008. Kulpa has created over fifty full-time jobs in the past two years, a boost to the San Diego economy. In 2011, he will inject another twenty-five million dollars of revenue and add another twenty positions. UE.co’s diversity is also equally impressive; women fill more than 55% of full-time jobs. In addition, Kulpa’s philanthropic contributions include The Special Olympics San Diego Region, The San Diego Humaine Society, Big Brothers and Big Sister’s organization, Born Free, Save an Elephant Foundation and the San Diego State Athletic Department.

UE has become one of the most sought-after companies to work for in San Diego, attracting top talent all over the world. Kulpa continues to drive the day-to-day operations and has set his sights on achieving the “Best Place to Work” in San Diego award and the “Fastest Growing Private Company” award.

The San Diego Business Journal’s Annual Most Admired Chief Executive Officer award recognizes dynamic business leaders and role models, selected for their achievements and contributions to San Diego companies. Kulpa received the award during the gala held on November 16, 2010 at the Mission Valley Doubletree Hotel in San Diego.

Jason Kulpa was selected by an independent panel of judges who considered multiple nominations for CEOs who consistently demonstrate excellent leadership of their companies, people, industries, and communities. An advisory board considered qualities including leadership, values, vision, company’s financial performance, commitment to quality and diversity, work environment, community contributions, innovation and overcoming adversity.

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  1. michael

    Nice work Jason and congratulations on this award! One of San Diego’s best awards.

  2. Karl MacGavin

    Jason Kulpa sounds modest and it doesn’t sound like the false modesty you hear from some CEO’s (or politicians for that matter). I think it’s terrific how he thanks his employees and recognizes that they’ve helped build Underground Elephant into one of San Diego’s biggest names in business, and judging from the sounds of things, into one of the nation’s biggest growing businesses.

  3. Nelson Milton

    In today’s world of corporations exploiting their employees and the society around them, it’s refreshing to see a successful business give back to the community and provide a fulfilling work experience for everyone (rather than say, a specific demographic). Underground Elephant sounds like its corporate giving is amazing, particularly as it seems to make sure its hometown (San Diego) benefits from it. It’s a case of CEO Jason Kulpa recognizing the contributions of San Diego to his company’s success and giving back to it. I also dig how he employs a significant number of women, as opposed to some places where women are a minority of the workplace, even though they are a slight majority of the population.

  4. David Smythe

    Kudos to Jason Kulpa. This award sounds prestigious based on the selection and judging process. I hope you and Underground Elephant continue to prosper and I hope you continue being a good member of San Diego’s community. Your philanthropic work is a model for any business to admire and emulate.

  5. Harry Benderson

    It’s been said, “Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.” Jason Kulpa and his team at Underground Elephant seem to understand this based on their amazing accomplishments in the San Diego business scene. I’m eager to read more about Underground Elephant and its next big achievement. I have a feeling there is much more to come from Jason Kulpa and his team.

  6. Hugh Sellers

    I laugh when people ignore the booming information age economy. There is so much room for growth in these fields as the digital economy needs firms like Underground Elephant to provide the services they need to succeed. Jason Kulpa clearly understands the business model for the digital economy as seen by his success and Underground Elephant’s success.

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