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UE.co Named One of CIO’s Top 10 Martech Solution Providers of 2018

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UE.co is proud to be named one of CIO Applications’ Top 10 MarTech Solution Providers of 2018!

In the article, hear how our CTO, Keola Malone, has responded to industry changes and advancements

What are some of the trends that you expect to have an impact in the MarTech Solution arena this year and how is UE.co planning to leverage these trends and evolve?

One influential trend that is continuously gaining traction is the “platformization” of Martech. There now exists a rich, diverse ecosystem of cloud-based solutions that advertisers can use a la carte or en masse to assemble a custom solution right for them.  This presents challenges in that build vs buy, what to buy, and in what capacity to leverage third-party solutions has never been a more complex sea to navigate. For UE.co this depends on our internal budgets, expertise, and the overall vision for the software design.  The positives to this new reality come in form of speed to market, agility, and rapid development cycles to quickly build software that creates business value. We tend to leverage this situation by utilizing PaaS products heavily to assemble a Minimum Viable Product, but we design software in such a way that the dependencies are abstracted enough that they can later be replaced by more robust or proprietary alternatives.


In your interactions with CIOs of leading companies, what sense do you get of the challenges they face now in the MarTech Solution space and how is UE.co effectively addressing these issues?

Security is a critical concern for many CIOs/CTOs, especially in light of the recent Facebook and Equifax security breaches. Because we handle both our users’ and consumers’ information, we work with outside consultants and neutral third parties to help audit code, infrastructure, and processes to ensure we understand and mitigate risk. Another common obstacle in the financial and insurance spaces is that enterprise clients often have lengthy/complex development life cycles that involve many keyholders and bureaucracy. UE.co excels in this type of environment by leveraging cloud-based solutions to develop highly functional solutions that are able to connect disparate databases, integrate with legacy systems, and close the loop on business initiatives.  We recognize that many clients are not able to migrate their systems into the cloud, so we are able to custom build a solution that allows them all of the benefits without any of the heavy lifting.

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