Q&A with UE.co CEO- Jason Kulpa

September 15, 2017
September 15, 2017 Jason Kulpa

Q&A with UE.co CEO- Jason Kulpa

Founder and CEO of UE.co, Jason Kulpa, shares about his life as CEO.

Question: Networking can be valuable but time-consuming. How do you decide which coffee meetings, dinners, phone calls, networking events, etc., are worth your time?

Jason Kulpa: “It’s rare that I take a phone call. I don’t have a desk phone, & rarely use my cell except for texting. I used to have a desk phone, but it only rang with solicitations. My favorite networking, however, is that with the people in the San Diego Community. I have met the most life-changing people by opening up the UE.co doors and hearing how we can help champion their mission. For example, I had Brian Richter, The Director of Special Olympics San Diego, come to the office. After hearing the way Brian and his team are impacting the lives of people with physical and cognitive disabilities and their families, I knew this partnership was worth investing time and resources.”

Question: What is the key to your success as CEO?

Jason Kulpa: “Pivot! For me, the key to success was to pivot fast and pivot often. It’s been the driving force behind my company’s development. However, being a smart businessperson means letting go of your ego and hesitations and embracing the unknown. My ability to pivot around uncertainty has helped me grow my business well up and over the million-dollar revenue mark.”

Question: With so many meetings, phone calls, etc., how do you stay organized as CEO?

Jason Kulpa: “Evernote Daily Prep! I use it a few times a day to keep organized. Prep is everything and the secret to life.  There was a reason you got homework as a kid, so why stop because you’re an adult. Take twenty minutes an evening to think about what you need to do the next day, log in Evernote, and you will be surprised how much it pays off.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Karl MacGavin

    I enjoy reading interviews with successful people when they share their methods for success. The saying, a wise man learns from other persons’ mistakes is true, but learning from their success is true also. I like Jason Kulpa’s strategy of planning his next day ahead with a little homework. If it’s worked for him and Underground Elephant, it seems like a good thing for me to do. I never heard about Jason or San Diego’s Underground Elephant, but I’m glad I read this short, but very helpful interview. Good questions by the interviewer too!

  2. Nelson Milton

    Pivot indeed. I’m so glad to hear a prospering CEO discuss the importance of being able to change direction as needed. Jason Kulpa’s success with Underground Elephant speaks for itself (one of San Diego’s most booming businesses if you don’t know). You can’t be complacent, and you can’t be afraid to take a new course if necessary. Thanks for reaffirming my beliefs in the importance of business dexterity.

  3. David Smythe

    I think it’s time people start paying attention to CEO’s from successful companies and see what works and what doesn’t work in today’s changing economy. Jason Kulpa knows what has worked for his company and understands you need a fluid dynamic when it comes to doing business. San Diego has benefitted from Underground Elephant’s growth and other cities should look to similar businesses for help in growing their economy.

  4. Harry Benderson

    Jason Kulpa’s comments on pivoting suggest to me he isn’t afraid to take risks. That’s an important part of business as you can’t be too set in your ways. At the same time, I wonder what he does to keep himself from crossing the line between being able to take risks and being reckless. He certainly doesn’t sound reckless and his success speaks for itself. Perhaps this question could be asked in the future.

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