Why I Chose to Start my Business in San Diego

September 22, 2017
September 22, 2017 Jason Kulpa

Why I Chose to Start my Business in San Diego

Unlike most tech businesses that are either based in San Francisco or Silicon Valley, I decided to start UE.co in San Diego. After weighing the pros and cons of other cities, my team and I decided the atmosphere, business environment, and landscape in San Diego cannot be matched anywhere else.

On top of the great perks, the weather in the city is also idyllic and there are many top-rated universities in the area that are good places for sourcing talent. Underground Elephant continually looks for fresh talent from SDSU, USD, UCSD and other universities in the area.  This millennial workforce paired with the increasing number of San Diego startups have made the community a robust one.

The new UE.co headquarters in East Village is the best possible spot for the company since it aptly combines San Diego’s rich history along with the company’s quest for future innovation. Transferring into the new space has not only changed UE’s environment but also markedly increased the productivity of The Herd.

For example, our tech team has lessened their deployment cycles by 62% since the transfer. It also helps that we are seconds away from Petco Park as well as numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes that adds to the kind of working experience that UE’s millennial workforce is accustomed to.

San Diego is full of thriving companies that make the city a fulfilling place to do business in. To me, this is one of the aspects that make the business culture of the city a hard one to miss. As more and more startups appear in this city, the business conferences and events begin to follow. I look forward to partnering with San Diego Startup Week each year; a week-long conference displaying the rich talent that comes from startup founders in the area.

As San Diego continues to grow, so UE.co does too. I find myself happier and happier with the location each day.

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